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We are an alternative school, committed to serving the individualized needs of our at risk youth. It is our mission to graduate leaders responsible for their community, who are academically prepared, empowered to make informed decisions, and confident in their ability to succeed.

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Credit Recovery
Fallen behind on credits? CPLC Community Schools can help!

Our credit recovery program allows students who are short on credits take extra classes to ensure they graduate on time!

CPLC offers flexible classes that work around your schedule, ensuring you are always able to get the quality education you deserve.

Students can also take alternative classes and even opt for independent studies if they have failed a class in previous semesters to make up the lost credits.

The coursework and schedule will be designed to best accommodate your needs, please let your instructor know if you want to learn more about the program.


Please always feel free to contact us if any question arises.

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